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Do we need stylists?

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Have you ever thought why do we learn physics and mathematics and don't learn how to dress well at school? Girls need this skill a lot more often in their lives than maths… You are lucky if you've had a good example, a role model in your life, most probably your mother who was trying her best to teach you how to dress up and look good and pretty in every day life. However, most of us spend years on trying to figure out our personal style and understand which things suit us, and of course we spend tons of money on clothes that sometimes we do not even wear.
So if you do not want to spend your time and money on most likely unsuccessful shopping you can use SuitApp (free) or services of personal shoppers/stylists (not free). Stop doubting your wardrobe and let professionals manage it.
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You may want to use stylist services if you want to:
  • Look slimmer, taller, more curvy, etc;
  • Manage your wardrobe and use it properly;
  • Add only necessary items to your wardrobe;
  • Understand which colors and color shades suit your type;
  • Learn how to mix and match different colors and prints;
  • Look professional and suitable to your job title;
  • Wear clothes that flatter your silouette;
  • Learn how to choose proper accessories and create stylish outfits even with basic clothes;
  • Declutter your wardrobe! Get rid of all items who haven't been wearing for a long time, old ones or those that doesn't suit you, but you are not brave enough to say good buy to them;
  • Just make you feel better about yourself and how you look.

Fun fact: 80% of the time women usually wear 20% of their wardrobe. Do you agree with that? Do you do the same?
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We at SuitApp are starting a few campaigns with professional stylists! Would you be interested to get trendy outfits and have a chat with a stylist?

Have you ever used stylist services? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. We are really interested in your personal experience.

Have nice day and be stylish!

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