that all 30-years-olds should invest in
Get to know the key pieces that are so luxe they'll make your wardrobe look and feel like couture.
coat - jacket - pullover
Camel-hair wrap coat, expensive brand black jacket and cashmere pullover or turtleneck. The main rule is that all these items must be of GOOD QUALITY. The same model style and color coat from synthetic material doesn't work. Black jacket without lining looks like a travesty. Cheap pullovers get bobbles quickly and instead of luxe you'll look sloppy.
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Structured bag
Buying this bag pay your attention to fittings. Even good shape and material can be spoiled by the shine of cheap closure
blouse - scarf - leather jacket
Silk blouse and scarf and expensive leather jacket are worth to be in your wardtobe
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lingerie - watch - heels
The secret of Luxe look is in the details. Don't forget to buy at least one designer's high heels, luxury lingerie and classic grace watch
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