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A secret to create an awesome

"OMG my wardrobe will soon explode because of all this clothes inside!"
Does it sound familiar to you? This problem is quite common among women as we love shopping and very often do not do it consciously. As a result we have a lot of clothes that does not match.

We recommend you to try the concept of Capsule Wardrobe. You will avoid spontaneous expenses on shopping and cluttering your wardrobe.

So what is a Capsule Wardrobe?
It is a set of items that match each other. Usually it consists of 12 items plus accessories, so you end up having 12-18 various outfit combinations. This is very convenient and time-saving: no matter which earrings or bag you choose they would match your outfit!
Main Rules:
1. Each item of your wardrobe should match all other items.
2. You should know which model style fits you best, it should hide all body disadvantages and emphasize the advantages.
3. The basis of such wardrobe is classics that would suit all seasons and will still be trendy in several years. These are classic jeans, shirts, single-color sweater, tops, single-color coat, pencil skirt, simple dress.
4. All items should be of good quality as they will be with you for a long time.
5. You can always add a few trendy items and accessories to your wardrobe to look stylish and fashionable. You don't need to change your core wardrobe every season, just buy some trendy must-haves and you'll be fine.
6. Your wardrobe should have 3-4 colours, 1-2 of them should be of the same shade or from one pallet, it is important to have one calm color. And one color can be an accent. Don't choose opposite colors.
7. The best sequence for buying clothes is as follows: dress, skirt and pants, tops, sweater, shoes and accessories, outerwear. 8 garments + 8 accessories = 17 various outfits.

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styling tips
To show you how it works we've created one bright capsule. It consists of casual items and we've added some trends to make it really useful.
We've took 8 items: coat, sweater, dress, skirt, jeans, bomber jacket, cropped top, shirt.
And 9 accessories: heels, sneakers, boots, scarf, clutch, crossbody bag, backpack, sunglasses, belt.
Outfit 1: A-line dress + belt + high heels sandals + clutch

Outfit 2: A-line dress + cross body bag + sneakers + sunglasses

Outfit 3: A-line dress + sneakers + backpack + sunglasses

Outfit 4: A-line dress + high heels sandals + clutch + bomber
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Outfit 5: crop top + skirt + clutch + heels

Outfit 5: crop top+ skirt + sunglasses + backpack + sneakers

Outfit 7: crop top + shirt + skirt + sneakers + backpack + sunglasses

Outfit 8: crop top + skirt + shirt + crossbody bag + sneakers
Outfit 9: jeans + shirt + sneakers + backpack

Outfit 10: jeans + crop top + bomber + high heels sandals + clutch

Outfit 11: jeans + crop top + high heels sandals + cross body bag

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Outfit 12: coat + boots + scarf + dress

Outfit 13: coat + skirt + crop top + shirt + boots

Outfit 14: coat + crop top + skirt + boots + backpack

Outfit 15: coat + jeans + shirt + scarf + boots + backpack

Outfit 16: coat + jeans + sweater + boots + backpack

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