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When we are looking at accessories very often we see two extremes: some girls choose very basic and neutral staff, and their looks are quite boring, others buy lots of bright and massive things. As a result they have a lot of different accessories that do not match and simply stay in their wardrobes forever.
We would like to share with you a list of must-haves that every lady should have to look classy and creative.
Let's start with bags:
Ok, it may sound really boring, but your main bag should be black, at least dark-blue or dark-gray. You can invest a little bit more in a classy bag and do not buy cheap bags made of fake leather every two months.

All other bags may look more creative, you will need at least one cross-body, with chain or without and one clutch for going out outfits.

Shapes and styles of bracelets can be very different. Depending on your color-type and occasion you can wear various designs and shades. However, every girl should have one wide metal bracelet. It will match anything – blouse with long sleeves and pencil skirt, cocktail dress or simply jeans and t-shirt. We highly recommend not to forget about this accessory.

They are also very different in styles, materials and types, but there is one option that will make any girl look stylish.

A long necklace with pendant.

It visually slims your silhouette and looks good with any outfit. You can also wrap it twice and make it look shorter.

And finally Watches:
Rude shapes of Men Watch will emphasize feminine wrists. Never wear them with wide bracelets, try with small chain bracelets and neutral manicure.
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