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First date outfit. DOs & DONTs for men

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Hey guys! First date is a really important occasion and it doesn't matter whether you are 17 or 47. You will never be able to change the first impression, and if you really like this girl you should look perfect to catch her attention!
Suit - NO! Jacket - YES!
Suits are strictly for business meetings, formal dinners, opera, and maybe, theatre. Do you see "take a girl out" in this list? No! Please forget about suits on a first date. It's too formal, hind movements and can make you look uptight! Even Harvey who is always in a suit was wearing jeans and long sleeve on his first date :)
Jacket on the contrary will make you look stylish and a bit, but not too much, formal. Wearing a jacket is a great way to combine an outfit together, so you can show your date that you know things in the clothing department ;)
Collar shirt - YES! YES! YES! Graphic shirt - Noooo!
If you want to show your sense of humor or your preferences in movies/cartoons characters do it verbally, don't use prints on your shirt/t-shirt! The same is with fashion brands - t-shirt with a huge print "VERSACE" is the best way to spoil your first date.

Collared shirt can make you look date-ready and even guarantees a second date. Just don't pair a tie with any of your shirts, and don't wear something predictable like stripes. Look smart in a linen or jacquard shirt, or one with a herringbone weave. A polo shirt will work for a casual date.
Flip-flops, shorts, tanks, pants with low crotch - NO!
No need to explain why
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