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Prints are always in trend. Just need to catch fresh tendencies! This season is about floral prints, abstract and funny picks in your outfit. How to choose a print that will compliment your body type read here
Simple example. Here you see three rectangles that have the same size but different prints. Which one looks thinner?
The common rule is "small and non contrast prints make you slimmer, big and contrast suit only skinny girls". Nope! You should always pay attention not only to size, but mainly on shapes. On the picture above you can see that rectangle in the middle looks much slimmer then the right one with small flowers. The secret is in vertical stripes that seemed to stretch the medium rectangle. Plenty of horizontal lines on the right rectangle on the contrary makes it wider. The one on the left has also interesting shape - flowers create illusion of sunglasses shape that will definitely help you look slimmer and more feminine!
To emphasize your waist
  • Hidden S or Hourglasses shape
  • Diagonal stripes with angle on waist
  • Dark active print on waist, bright colors around
To look slimmer
  • Vertical stripes always work. Just try to avoid old school formal pants! There are a lot of trendy clothes with this print!
  • Dark print on light makes you look bigger, light print on dark background makes you look slimmer
  • Never wear animal printon the part of your body that you want to hide
To make some parts of your body look curvy
  • If your body doesn't have natural curvy shapes fake it with S-line prints
  • Use horisontal stripes
  • Big floral print will help you look like blossoming flower bud
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