The worst men's summer style mistakes

styling tips
Summer is tricky time for guys. How to feel comfortable and still manage to look stylish when it's so hot outside? We are sure that these styling tips will increase your awesomeness!
Too short shorts. Your shorts really shouldn't be any higher than a third of the way up your thigh, at most!
Too long shorts. If your shorts are finishing much below the bottom of your kneecap throw them into the garbage.
Socks. There is only one option - invisible socks. No we don't mean trainer socks, they are still visible, we're talking about socks which are cut lower that the traditional trainer socks so that no material is on show.
Avoid loots of beaded bracelets. Coco Chanel once said that before you leave the house you should look in the mirror and take one thing off.
The main rule - pockets have to be empty. Always!
Suit always works. Even when it's hot you can find a perfect-fit suit. Just make sure the material is natural.
Popping shirt collar. If you are older than 15 - never, just never do it!
Not only for summer time but always avoid shirt and tie in the same color
Wearing stained clothes. It should always be fresh and clean! We understand that anything could happen, make sure you have an extra item in your car. Just in case.
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