10 Fashion Tips to Slay at a Malaysian Wedding

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Malaysia, the land of many cultures and celebrations. Nothing is more joyous than being able to celebrate your friend's upcoming nuptials with them. But wait, with so many cultures and traditions, what would be the right thing to wear? You don't want to offend or ruin your friend's special day with any fashion missteps now would you? Well, with these tips and tricks, you'll never go wrong again, be it if the wedding is Malay, Chinese or Indian.
Adhere to the dress code
One of the most important rules to follow. Always adhere to the dress code! Use the dress code given as a guideline to what you should wear and what is appropriate. If you're unsure, ask the bride or bridal party, or refer to you invitation card. It should be stated together with the venue, which brings me to the next point...
Dress according to venue
That's right. Aside from the dress code, the venue of the wedding should be an indication to whether you should be dressing up to the nines or go smart casual. If say, the wedding is being held at a void deck, smart casual is sufficient. However, if it's at a hotel, do make sure you dress up!
Keep it classy
All that might be well and good, but always make sure that your outfit is classy and modest. Weddings are normally traditional, especially when it comes to Malay and Indian ones. So don't go giving the uncles a heart attack. Keep it conservative and classy with either knee-length or maxi ensembles. No bare shoulders, and just for tonight, keep the girls covered!
Never outshine the bride
Next up, also a very important rule. Never outshine the bride! Dress up well but make sure that the bride is the star. It's her day, after all. Don't wear colours that a typical bride would wear. For example, for a Chinese wedding, avoid wearing the colour red as that's what the bride will most probably be wearing.
Bright colours
Another tip is to wear clothes with bright colours. This is especially true for Indian weddings, where guests will be decked out in all colours under the sun. It is a joyous occasion after all, so why not let your outfit showcase that too?
Respect the traditions
Another reason to wear bright colours is that in many traditions, especially the Chinese and Indian traditions, colours like black and white should not be worn during a joyous occasion, especially a wedding. Black and white represents unfortunate events like mourning. Definitely not what you want during a wedding. Also, some places like religious places for Indian weddings will require you to take off your shoes, and places like the mosque for Malay weddings will require you to cover your head.
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Of course, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. This is especially true for Indian weddings. In addition to wearing bright colours, guests will also be very liberal with accessories like bangles, necklaces and earrings. However, make sure that you don't outshine the bride!

Comfort is key
Another important tip is to make sure that you're comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. All weddings come with an abundance of food, like the typical 8-course dinner for Chinese weddings, and the all-you-can-eat buffet styles of Malay and Indian weddings. So be sure to wear something that can accommodate your upcoming food baby as well as the upcoming festivities!
Traditional is always an option
Still can't decide what to wear? Well traditional clothes is always an option! For Malay weddings, the comfortable baju kurung, or the stylish baju kurung is a suitable fit and sure to be a hit. For Indian weddings, a dhoti or sari could be options as well. However, for Chinese, clothes with traditional motifs like the Chinese collar is good enough, or it might seem like you're trying too hard, as Chinese weddings tend to be more modernised.

Just about the most important element to your outfit. Don't forget to smile! Weddings are joyous occasions that are meant to be celebrated. Nothing would make the bride and groom happier than seeing all their guests happy and enjoying themselves. So, go enjoy the party!

With these ten tips, you will be well equipped for all wedding invites!

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